• What are the expectations for me in the first 90 days?
  • The company is a great cultural fit for me, as am I for it. – recovery
  • Experience: the projects I’ve been part of don’t compare to the experience of helping others. Motto for Heritage4Uganda was “people helping people”
  • Purpose of recovery

Tell me about yourself: my background to date has been centered around community engagement and writing.

Weakness: I tend to be a perfectionist whose had trouble delegating tasks to others but I’ve come to see that teamwork and capitalizing on everyone’s strengths (which I can see through newfound perspective) is a much more effective way to get the job done than trying to do it all myself.

  • who would the audience be for the article about alcoholism?
  • Length of article/ placement of article? – write differently for first-person alcoholic or for family members?
  • Am I trying to get them to make an appointment?
  • You might have a problem if :
  • Afraid of treatment: overcome objections “if you’ve tried before, it’s not your fault” “alcoholism is real” “most people cannot stop on their own”
  • Empathy
  • Reassuring statistics
  • X percent of people who try to quit cold turkey fail
  • BUT x percent of people who maintain sobriety for 5 years or longer have gone through similar experiences: treatment and meetings
  • Give hope
  • Disease
  • I understand
  • No labels/stigma
  • Detox withdrawals
  • Empathize fears but overcome objections

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