When I was growing up there was not much technology in our home. Or perhaps in just seems that way. This is because many years ago technology was not as advanced as it is today.

Sure, we had a television. We had an antenna on the roof, even if we had cable TV for a few years. We had the Internet, even though it was a dial-up modem. We did not have cell phones yet. We also did not have smart devices. After all, smart devices work mostly over WiFi!

The technology of when I was growing up has changed. A/C units did not have the capability to be programmed by WiFi. By current A/C system has this ability. If I want to save on my heating bill, I can keep my unit off when I’m not home. At the same time, if I know  I’ll be home soon, I could get on my iPhone and open the A/C system app that I downloaded. From there, I can turn my A/C system on! This is amazing to me since something so small can make such a large change.

Smart appliances are becoming a thing. Imagine filling the coffee machine the night before bed. Remember now, this is a smart machine. Upon waking, I could decide to get on my phone and open the coffee machine app. From there, I would simply press another button or two and hear a noise from the kitchen. What’s that? It’s the coffee machine which turned on via WiFi!

As technology continues to improve, more people will have smart appliances. Everything will be smart. Smart appliances, smart homes, smart cars, and more, will be commonplace. There will come a time when we will wonder what life was like without all of our amazing technology. That time might be sooner than we think.