The year 2100 is less than 100 years away. What will it look like? What will we look like? Surely, fashion will undergo a dramatic change, as it did from the past 100 years. Will we still have iPhones? Perhaps the question should be rephrased. Perhaps we should wonder if smartphones will even be around. Communication will be there, yes. But the method of communication will probably change. Technology, on a larger scale, will probably make today’s technology unusable and obsolete.

To put it in perspective, even technology from only 10 years ago seems more dated than it is. 10 years ago, most people were not using smartphones. Flip cell phones and Nokia cell phones were all the rage! Flip phones constantly broke for many people because over-bending the phones. I may or may not have done this! Nokia phones, on the other hand, were like bricks the mostly worked even after being dropped repeatedly.

Technology encompasses more than communication. It is involved in all fields to include medicine, space exploration, and even education. Speaking of space, only a few years ago did Pluto cease to be a planet. I’m sure that by 2100 we will discover more galaxies and other unknown areas of space. As of 2017, we are only a few years away from sending the first humans to Mars!

The great thing about technology is that it is growing at a pace which is the fastest in history. Where will this lead us? Automation is right around the corner. Imagine a society where the farmers are robots. This is not some far-fetch idea. Agricultural robots are already being used. And they are expanding at a rapid rate. Wouldn’t it be great if these robots could one day eliminate world hunger?

To learn more about future technology, check out the video below.