Last week, I wrote about how the home is beginning to be connected to the Internet. Because this is now a “thing”, it will grow exponentially. This is because technology seems to grow exponentially. And the Internet is no different. The Internet is wildly different that is was 10 years ago. After all, YouTube is not much older than 10 years old? The same goes for Facebook and other major websites that people use as part of their daily lives.

I wrote that my A/C unit is connected to the Internet. How can a piece of metal be connected to the Internet? Well, it’s more complicated than that. Let’s just say that my A/C touchpad has it’s own IP address. Are you lost? Don’t be. Let’s talk a little more about what’s to come.

Soon, more than the A/C unit will be connected to the Internet. The fridge, the coffee machine, and even the lights will all be connected to the Internet. A homeowner will be able to control his house from his iPhone if he wants to. What is right next to him when he wakes up? His iPhone is next to him. Let’s say the homeowner wants a nice cup of coffee. All he has to do is press a button on his iPhone. That will transmit a message to the coffee machine, which will immediately get to work! That is, of course, if the homeowner filled his coffee machine with coffee beans beforehand.

Soon, even meals will become automated. This is much more than the home being connected to the Internet. The robots in the home will do much more of the work. We already have robots to clean our dishes. They are called dishwashers. And even though they don’t talk or walk, make no mistake. They are robots! Swing by next week to learn more.