If you are a novice baker who wants to spend most of your time baking and doing just any dessert or pastries that you dream of, it’s better to have a list of the materials you need, think of it like listing down construction materials for flooring or roofing.

One of the things you will most likely need is a mixer. Now the question is, should you get a stand mixer or hand mixer? Be it that you already have a handheld mixer, should you upgrade to a stand mixer? Is it okay to purchase both hand mixer and stand mixer? There’re many questions that must be answered so let’s compare the two.

It’s better to dig-in pros and cons of each type of mixer. Doing some research for the benefits and drawbacks is often an important aspect when comparing just about anything.  

Hand Mixer


  • Requires minimal space and is easy to store because it comes in smaller size and lighter. There’s no need a permanent area for it as you can store it in the cabinet or in a drawer.
  • Another advantage of a handheld mixer transportability. If you have to mix while something cooks, take it to another counter or to the sink you can move it easily. It is also easy to clean and quick.
  • There are fewer functions to take into account and fewer buttons to manipulate which makes it easy to operate. No need to worry about scraping content because its movable. Any bowl type can be paired with the hand mixer.
  • The most vital advantage is that a hand mixer is far cheaper than the price of a stand mixer.


  • The hand mixer cannot accommodate big jobs like kneading bread dough or even tough cookie dough as it has lesser power.
  • Not ideal for bulk type baking because its capacity is limited.
  • At times, we are tempted to cut on mixing time because it takes longer to mix. Lastly, while it mixes you can’t do something else because your hands are busy to accommodate multi-tasking.

Stand Mixer


  • Power, speed, and hands-free are the three most important reasons why people who bake fall in love with a stand mixer. It can take on bread dough for a decent stand mixer.
  • While you do other tasks, it mixes in less time than a hand mixer and you can leave it to do its job. It can cut the time to complete the task most especially if you are making more than one recipe.
  • Ideal for bulk type baking or for business ventures.


The cost of the stand mixer is the main reason why some cannot afford to buy it. It’s just good for resting your arms if you purchase the cheaper ones.

If the working area is small, storage and space may be a difficulty.

The heavy duty type stand mixer is also heavy and hard to transport.